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Temara is a coastal city in Morocco. It is part of the Wilaya Rabat -Salé, and is located directly south of Rabat on the Atlantic coast, in the suburban area of the capital. The city has 225,497 inhabitants as of 2004. It is twinned with Saint Germain en Laye, France. The city has beaches and a small pleasure port.

Temara is a unique place. A city in the atmosphere and the quality of life, in which there is a lot to discover.

 Discover Temara: Art, business and lifestyle - Temara has a lot to offer. You have absolutely no idea where to start? We will be happy to give you some tips about this unique city in Morocco. We have compiled must-sees even if you are in Temara for only a very short time.

An oceanic climate tempered:
The climate of this region is part of the Mediterranean as its sweetness winter qu'estivale and irregularity of its precipitation. It is thus tempered, mild and wet because of the influence Atlantic along the coast (25 km from the beach).
An ecological heritage rich and varied:
The prefecture includes an extensive set of natural and artificial forest. The green belt in Rabat, which amounts to 1500 hectares, is the major green space in the region after that of the former forest Témara deteriorated greatly.


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